How To Get Started With Dancing

It has been over 10 years since I started dancing. I always try something new and recently I have been catching up on technique. It is always an experience learning from other styles and learning something new, but I after trying so many styles it is always the first class that is the hardest. No matter how long I have been dancing or how extensive it is always a challenge walking in to a room of people and to learn from others. To make steps easier for you take the first steps follow these steps (pun intended):

1. Find out what you want to learn.

Find out what you want to learn, and how you want to learn it. There is un-ending amount of dance moves and styles so it is hard to find a starting point. Choose a style with the music you like. Choose a style where the music makes you feel alive, when you move with it.

2. Find out how you want learn.

There are some people who learn best in a demonstrative class setting were the teacher shows and you imitate their movement, while others teach you the basics and let you try out the movements and gives you pointers, while others start playing the music and want you to try it out.

3. Choose your dance safe space.

When I started I would practice moves in my room. The idea of a dance safe space is too create your own studio your own space where you feel comfortable to move your body. Choose a room in your apartment or the garage of your friend to start a small. It is your heaven where you can practice unending to work on your skill.

4. Set yourself miniature goals

Set yourself small goals not large but which you can approach step by step. Like getting your first double turn in salsa or holding your pike for 2 counts. Enjoying small things like that.

5. Have FUN

You started because you had fun so continue having fun, as much more fun you have in class, as much easier it will be to learn skills. Enjoy your classes do not turn it into a chore.



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