5 Reasons to start Ballroom Dancing

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We have not posted in a while but we have not forgotten you. Back to our topic and the 5 reasons why you should start Ballroom Dancing.

1. The ballroom dancing community is welcoming.

Across all of the dance communities I have been lucky to be a part of I have always felt welcome in the ballroom dancing community. There is always a studio that takes beginners at all ages. It is not rare to find yourself as an retiree or as a teenager in a beginner class during a week day.

2. You do not need to be competitive to enjoy yourself

The ballroom dancing community recognizes that there are people who love to compete and people who do not like to compete. For non-competitive people that want to get recognition for their craft there are the medal awards that recognize your skill and accomplishments as dancers.

3. Competitions for all ages and skill level

Competitions start at all ages and all skill levels. There will be Blackpool competitions at which you will have a entire 3 generations compete and win. Ballroom dancing competition are all about the inclusion.

4. Simple way to get in shape

Ballroom dancing is also known as dance sport. It offers an amount of physical exercise that is not to straining and helps you keep in shape easily. If you have wondered why so many ballroom dancers look so good and healthy it is because they are enjoying themselves while they are taking classes and dancing for hours at com

5. Meet new people all across the world

Ballroom dancing is considered a social dance. People are encouraged to socialize and you can meet new people with which you will have something in common. There will always be people to dance with in several cities across the world. If it is a simple salsa or a bachata there is always a simple event that will get you up on your feet.



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