Our Classes

We aim to bring the best dance experience and most inclusive community to Cape Breton. Our studio aims to foster a friendly and inviting environment.  We want to see our dance community grow and expand in Cape Breton. 

Our Kids Classes

Our kids classes have start at the age of 3. We divide the kids in Juniors from 3 to 10 and Seniors from 10+. Only Seniors can join our Competition and Performance Classes.

  • Breakdance

    Breakdance also known as Breaking is the original hip hop dance it is known for its acrobatics and intricacy. Breaking is all about individuality and communication. This class works on building confidence, strength and creativity. 

  • Hip Hop

    Our hip hop class focus on solidifying foundations and choreography. We want our kids to be strong and be able to take on every challenge we throw at them by building their foundations. This class has house footwork, hip hop groove 

  • Ballroom

    In Ballroom we train our kids to be beautiful dancers if they want to dance for fun or competitively. It is important to us that they enjoy this class work on their technique and foundation as a ballroom dancers. 

  • Ballet

    Our Ballet instructor just recently joined us and brings experience and passion to the our studio. It has all the basic works and needs for beginner dancers and more.

A Family That Dances Together Stays together

Our Adult Classes

Our Adult Classes are about trying something new and having fun time dancing. We are open to bring in any classes you want us to teach such as African ance, Pole dancing, Dancercise and Dance Hall.

  • Ballroom

    Our Ballroom Dance Class rotates the 5 international Ballroom dance styles Waltz, Foztrott, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep in 2 month basis.

  • Adult Hip Hop

    Our adult hip hop class is a good class to get your fitness on and learn new moves for night out. This class is ideal if you even want to get back into dance after not dancing for a long time.

  • Latin

    This is our beginner Latin Dance Class. It introduces you to the rhythmically intricate and foundational dance styles of Latin Dance. It is a class ideal for a work out and even better to dance for fun.

  • Salsa

    This class is a beginner class to teach you foundations of Salsa. You will learn how to lead, how to execute spins and work on hip flexibility.

  • Indian Dance

    This class is a speciality class and teaches traditional Indian dance as well as dance often seen in Bollywood movies. This class is taught by an instructor that we bring in.

  • African Dance

    This class brings the african spirit. In this class you will learn afro beat dance steps like the ones seen in videos by Chakira, Childish Gambino as well as Dance hall steps that are common to Reggaeton and Mumbaton.

Dance is the language of the Soul


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