Experience Dance At Every Age

We are a group of passionate dance instructors, performers and artists. We want for everyone to enjoy dance at every age. We got established in Sydney in 2016. Since then we have taught dancers of all ages and worked together with other local businesses to create more spaces for dancing and performance opportunities. Our main objective is for people to enjoy dancing if their spectators fellow dancers or dance students our door is open to everyone. 

We have a resident dance team comprised of some of the most talented and most hardworking individuals on the island. 

Our Team

Passionate & Hardworking


Chris Mkandawire

Executive Director

Chris is a passionate dancer and Choreographer. He founded Concept Creative Dance Company in 2016 he wants to build a strong dance community and empower the existing dance community. He teaches Hip Hop, Ballroom and Breakdance.

Baillie Ferguson

Salsa Instructor

Our instructor for Salsa, Baillie has been passionate for teaching dancing and learning since she was a child. Learning Celtic Step, Highland in her youth and learning Ballroom and Salsa later in life. An asset to the team and the emotional backbone. 

Kara Raoul

Ballroom Instructor

Kara is the newest addition to our Organization yet she does not lack any experience or passion for dance and its community. She taught Ballroom and organized Socials in the Annapolis Valley prior to moving back to Cape Breton. 

Jacky Liu

Breakdance Instructor

Jacky is our passionate bboying instructor. He has trained with and gained knowledge from Canadian Legend bboy Onton. He is inspired by legends such as Roxrite Supernaturals and more. 

In House Dance Teams

Passion & Perseverance 

If you’re looking to take yourself to the next level, you may want to consider auditioning for our in-house Dance Company. Founded shortly after we opened our doors, our talented and hard-working troupe regularly performs at venues and events all around the Province.


This is our competitive and performance  Dance Team. We perform regularly at Events, Concerts and in Music Videos. Our Dance Company style is Hip Hop & Urban Dance.

Taurified Bhangra

Taurified Bhangra is our traditional Indian Dance Company. They perform at local events and create their own music videos. 


Britany Dr. 20 Sydney NS Canada B1L 1G8

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